Welcome to Dogsville

We have re-opened and it is wonderful to be back! 

It is so nice to see everyone again; both dogs and humans! The daycare dogs are so excited to be reunited with their friends.
It is heart-warming to see how happy they are.
Grooming is super busy; our days are running longer as we are grooming as many as we comfortably can.
Daycare is having a slow start. Boarding will reopen mid-June.

Keep well, be kind.
 Patti – Pack Leader

Dogsville is the place where dogs can stay and play all day (even while you’re away).


Grooming is an essential part of every dog’s health and well-being. Our grooming philosophy is simple: it’s all about LOVE, TRUST & RESPECT….

Doggy Daycare

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Boarding & Overnights

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Wellness – For Dog’s Sake

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